Pass The Popcorn

Do you like old movies? If so, chances are good you've seen a movie produced or directed by Armand Schaefer, a Tavistock boy. Armand was born in our village in 1898. He spent his adult life in California where he produced over 100 films between 1931 and 1956. He directed 24 more. Armand died in 1967.

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What do you know about "The Washboard Band"?

Some years ago an individual left this photo at the museum with the words "I know the group was called 'The Washboard Band' but that's all I know. I don't know their names or when or where they played".

This photo remains a mystery. They are an interesting looking group. We rather like the man (maybe lady) who plays the washtub.

Might you be able to provide even a small clue? If yes, please contact the Historical Society at Thank you.