A project of the Tavistock & District Historical Society - Year of the Veteran - 2005


Susan J. Pellow, Chair
Paul Bartlett, Sherrill Calder, Roy Erb, Bill Gladding, Barbara Matthies, Mary Nicklas

This project includes information and photos of Veterans from Tavistock & District, Ontario, Canada.

Important Notice

The information in this project has been gathered from many people and many sources.
We have made every effort to include correct information; however we cannot guarantee its accuracy.
Please help us. If you see any information that you know is incorrect, or if you can supply additional information on any Veteran, or a photograph, please contact one of the Committee members.

© Copyright 2012 - Tavistock & District Historical Society.

The information in this project may be used for Educational or Historical benefit only, but may not be used for any commercial application.

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