Good Smells From The Kitchen

Jellyrolls, light and airy with bright red raspberry jam filling oozing from every slice. Sugar cookies the size of saucers. Pigs in the blankets. What???? Not pigs, of course, but oatmeal cookies shaped in crescent moons with date filling. Doughnuts to die for and cinnamon coffee cakes that made you drool just at the thought.

Rural Diaries Project

Have you ever wanted to read someone’s diary? Let’s be honest. Most of us have. We want to know what hopes and dreams and certainly what secrets that person confided to his or her diary.

2016 AGM

Dr. Paul Bartlett was the keynote speaker on Saturday, April 2, 2016 at Grace United Church where about 30 people gathered to hear his authoritative talk on tracing our ancestry using human genetics.

Tavistock Produce

The Tavistock Produce had its beginning in April 1946, with Roy Knights, his brother Leslie Knights and nephew Fred Ghent in partnership. It occupied some of the ground floor of the Opera Hall a building on Woodstock Street North.
(Photo - Norma Knights and Doreen Wagner grading eggs)

The Milkman

If you are 70 years of age or older you probably remember having your milk and cream delivered to your door each day by the local dairy. Mom or dad would place the right amount of change into the empty reusable bottles each night or early morning and place them on the porch for the milkman to exchange for full bottles.

Santa Claus Parade Endures

We have recently enjoyed watching the Men’s Club Annual Santa Claus Parade. Christmas parties with packs for up to 700 youngsters sponsored by the Men’s Club have been held annually since 1939. The venue has changed over the years. It began outdoors around the lighted Christmas tree in the square, and now a parade is held featuring ...